Bataleon Storm

CHF 431.00

Drawing on the best elements of the Push Up and adding a more pow friendly nose, the award-winning Storm has become an instant favorite of team riders Annika Morgan and Klaudia Medlova. It’s quick edge to edge, stable over jumps and easy to ride switch, but duck the ropes and it chews backcountry lines for breakfast. A one-board quiver that’s so good we had to give the guys their own version with the Thunder.


Outline Shape


On our more freeride orientated boards the center base is at its most narrow and the uplift is at its highest this creates unparalleled float in pow super fast edge-to-edge transitioning.

Nose Sidebase Uplift


The gradual side base uplift in the nose determines how the board will behave on snow. most effected are the edge to edge performance and the uplift generated when riding powder.

Tail Sidebase Uplift


The gradual side base uplift in the tail determines how the board will behave on snow. Any amount of uplift brings all the benefits of Triple Base Technology making opur boards more versatile then others.

Camber Profile

High Camber

Camber profiles are defined from low to high. Higher camber make for more dynamic boards that need to be ridden more aggressively to get maximum performance. Lower camber boards are smoother on lower speeds and in powder. All camber profiles run from nose to tail. higher is not always better…

3D Shape

3BT™ + Sidekick™

Combining the responsiveness of traditional tip-to-tail camber with the dynamic shaping properties of Triple Base Technology and the performance boosting Sidekick feature makes for a 3D snowboarding experience like no other.

Layup & Laminate

Tri-Ax Lamination

Our three-way fiberglass weave is light, strong and crazy responsive. We use this to beef up the flex pattern on our more aggressive boards.


Light Core

50/50 Paulownia and poplar creates a balanced core that’s lively yet strong.

Special Sauce

D.S.T. Super Tubes

Dual Super Tubes, a Super Tube on either side of the board enhances pop and gives the camber more snap.


Hyper Glide S

Our standard sintered base that’s durable and fast – and even faster when you keep it waxed.

Layup & Laminate

Carbon Stringers

Our tried and tested carbon layups. We deploy them in different areas to fine-tune the feel of each model.


Solid Walls Sidewall

We use tried and trusted ABS sidewalls for most of the collection. For the best flex to strength ratio.


Length (cm) 144 148 152 156
Effective Edge (cm) 109.5 113.1 116.7


Waist Width (cm) 23.8 24.0 24.2 24.4
Tip/Tail Width (cm) 27.4 / 27.4 27.8 / 27.8 28.2 / 28.2

28.6 / 28.6

Sidecut Radius (m) 7.7 7.8 7.9


Setback (cm) 1.0 1.0 1.0


Inserts 20+2 20+2 20+2


Min/Max Stance (cm) 44.0-59.0 48.0-63.0 54.0-74.0


Min/Max Stance (in) 17.3-23.2 18.9-24.8 21.3-29.1



144 148 152 156
Weight Recommendation (Kg) 42.0-62.0 46.0-66.0 54.0-74.0 62.0-82.0
Boot Size (EU) 39-44 39-44 40-45 40-45
Boot Size (cm/mondo) 25.0-28.0 25.0-28.0 25.5-28.5 25.5-28.5
Boot Size (US) 7-10 7-10 7-11 7-11


Snowboard Grösse

148, 152, 156