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    Never Summer Women’s Harpoon 2022

    CHF 693.00
  • Wing

    Ensis Score 4.5

    CHF 929.00

    Complete package wing

    Freeride | Freestyle | Wave

    The SCORE is for everyone who wants to feel pure passion on the water – from discoverers to the pro. The ENSIS wings are well-known for their high performance and the SCORE will amaze you with its power and stability. It will get you foiling in barely any wind while staying extremely stable and controllable even in the stormiest conditions. The aspect ratio of each size has been specifically designed to provide both great power, for starts and upwind performance, and uncompromised manoeuvrability. The windows consist of an exclusive tempered feature, with perfect elasticity to retain the high performance of the wing.

  • Ski

    Faction Agent 2

    CHF 779.00


    Whether you’re zooming through a remote, powder-laden forest or snaking down a steep couloir somewhere Off The Beaten Track, every hard-earned turn will feel that much better with the Agent 2 under your feet. A lightweight Karuba woodcore backed by a carbon weave, an all-mountain waist width and tip/tail rocker make this ski easy on the up and absolutely thrilling going down.

    You’ll love this ski if:

    • You want a modern tip that will help you rise above the snow and easily initiate the turn
    • You think light weight is important, but downhill performance and durability are better
    • You prefer a modern shape with a stiffer tail that supports a strong finish to the turn
    • You need a free-touring ski to reliably handle variable snow and variable terrain
  • Faction-Ski-2023-Agent-3

    Faction Agent 3

    CHF 829.00


     Our excitement regarding this ski cannot be overstated. The Agent 3 truly has it all: a lightweight core, progressive shape, high-tech carbon weave, balanced flex and perfectly engineered rocker. Easy on the uphill, and equally capable in the deepest snow, the day-after-the-storm chop or the springtime corn, this ultra-versatile offering will be hailed as one of the hottest touring skis of the year.

    You’ll love this ski if:

    • You want a wider free-touring ski that is also lightweight
    • You think light weight is important, but downhill performance and durability are better
    • You like to charge hard in variable snow and float above the powder
    • You want a one-ski quiver that is dependable no matter the location, no matter the conditio
  • bataleon-chaosfullwrap-22/23-black
    Snowboard Bindungen

    Bataleon Chaos Fullwrap – Black

    CHF 339.00

    The Chaos Fullwrap is aimed at creative riders who demand the most performance and comfort to lap the park all day. Featuring Quarterbacks which are shorter highbacks that allow for greater lower leg movement when you’re getting technical on the rail line or want to bone stuff out. The Transfer ankle straps are a one-piece construction designed to flex, support,and distribute pressure for maximum comfort. AuxTech® toe straps for unmatched grip and connection to any boot. Built on our Fullwrap chassis, this binding will offer plenty of power to charge through the park and still feel confident lapping the rest of the mountain.

  • Bataleon_astra_schwarz_22/23
    Snowboard Bindungen

    Bataleon Astro Fullwrap – Black

    CHF 409.00

    The Astro Fullwrap is the ultimate platform for aggressive all-mountain shredding. It is constructed with the powerful Fullwrap aluminum frame and the perforated composite FullBack for top tier heelside control, and maximum support during heavy landings. With the precision engineered Infinity Ankle Strap and the Infinity toe strap featuring a hinged 3D AuxTech® pattern, the Astro is built for all-mountain terrain domination.

  • 2022-2023-bataleon-snowboard-eviltwin

    Bataleon Evil Twin

    CHF 569.00

    The Bataleon Evil Twin has been at the heart of the 3D revolution for nearly two decades. It’s a rider favorite that’s been lovingly upgraded year after year to keep it ahead of the pack. Now rocking carbon milled straight into the core and SideKick™, it turns better than ever on Resort and can still be relied on to destroy every feature in the park.

  • 2022-2023-bataleon-snowboard-cruiser

    Bataleon Cruiser

    CHF 479.00

    The Bataleon Cruiser is a new shape for the 22/23 season. It’s super stable at high speeds, yet playful and fun for all mountain cruising or a lap through the park. It can be ridden in traditional lengths or slightly longer because of its long nose compared to the effective edge. We designed this board with freestyle carving in mind so hit the resort and get weird.

  • 2022-2023-bataleon-snowboard-pushup

    Bataleon Push Up

    CHF 519.00

    The Push Up is a premium women’s board that combines high end materials with the latest in 3D shaping to help take your skills to the next level. Raised edges let you jib around on park obstacles with confidence, while a mid-soft flex with added carbon keeps it feeling super lively across the whole mountain. Step things up on the jump line, dive into some pow or just lay down a few turns; this board’s got your back.

  • 2022-2023-bataleon-snowboard-storm-4

    Bataleon Storm

    CHF 539.00

    Drawing on the best elements of the Push Up and adding a more pow friendly nose, the award-winning Storm has become an instant favorite of team riders Annika Morgan and Klaudia Medlova. It’s quick edge to edge, stable over jumps and easy to ride switch, but duck the ropes and it chews backcountry lines for breakfast. A one-board quiver that’s so good we had to give the guys their own version with the Thunder.

  • bataleon-goliath-mens-snowboard-2022-2023-2

    Bataleon Goliath

    CHF 619.00

    The Bataleon Goliath is the board that started the 3D revolution. It’s perfectly balanced to excel at in all conditions. The harmony of freestyle agility and freeride power is ideal for solid riders who want one board to do it all. Light, fast and snappy, this 3D directional twin is ready for your all-mountain pursuits

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    Never Summer Snowtrooper

    CHF 749.00